Nano No No

This year I decided to give the November novel writing challenge known as NanoWriMo a shot. I had created an account last year but never went further and so I geared up for a productive month. I was armed with a pseudo outline, synopsis and the first 2000 words under my belt.

And then life got in the way. This month has been a perfect storm of teenager-related activities (driving lessons, anyone?) a job re location (complete with packing and cleaning and finishing up projects) and the usual nagging necessities such as sleep and meals. At the almost halfway point, I have not added a single word to the initial count.

“Sigh.” I keep thinking, “There is next weekend!” But then I remember I need this weekend to do work projects. I’m not giving up yet, but realistically, I’ll be lucky to log in 20,000 by the end of the month.

In happier news, a short story I submitted to Pulp Literature’s Raven short story contest made the long list, but alas, not the short list. But hey, it’s s a start. It’s a creepy little horror story that I hope will find a publication home somewhere. I’ve always loved reading horror, so I took a stab at writing it, and if I ever finish two other WIPs, I’ve sketched out an outline for a second short story.

Oh, and there’s also that pesky academic paper I need to finish in 2016 to stay on track for completing a degree I’ve been plugging away for several years.

So whatcha doing this November? if you’re on Nano, look me up (I Am Groot is my handle) or drop me a line. Anyone else taking a stab at short stories? If so, where are you submitting? What books are on your holiday wish list? Oh jeez, that reminds me, I’m way behind on my Goodreads reading challenge…

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