My Week in Entertainment

At long last, I finally saw “Captain America, Civil War” yesterday. Definitely one of my favorite Marvel movies so far. It ran a bit long, but with such a huge cast, it isn’t a story that can be tidied up ninety minutes. One of the best features of the comics was the occasional superhero vs. superhero issue. This movie did those stories justice and so much more. One scene in particular between Iron Man and Captain America was framed in such a  way that you could almost see an iconic comic panel. And when Captain was trying to hold a helicopter down with one arm… well, let’s just say I was entertained and more. I also  enjoyed a spirited nerd fight with my daughter on the way home when she challenged my belief that Captain America ALWAYS beats Iron Man (unless Iron Man cheats or has help). In case you’re wondering, as far as the plot goes, I’m Team Captain all the way (sorry Tony, imposing a political process on the Avengers just because you’ve got the feels is just as self centered and narcissistic as creating Ultron without bothering to tell anyone).

I loved all the supporting cast. When Spidey popped up, I almost burst into spontaneous applause, but managed to redirect my attention into a tub of buttered popcorn. I love that Spidey looks and acts like an actual teenager. And Marisa Tomei as Aunt May? Genius. Loved seeing Ant Man enter the fray. Loved the Black Panther and his character arc.  The Vision wearing a sweater vest and pining for Wanda. Some of my favorite moments:

Black Widow chasing down bad guys at the beginning of the movie and engaging in some nifty hand to hand combat.

Sharon Carter giving Sam a receipt for a “Bird Costume.”

Bucky in the back seat of a VW asking Sam to move the seat up and Sam refusing.

Sam later telling Bucky “I hate you” after Spidey ties them up in his webbing.

Hawkeye saying “Made you look,” to Iron Man before dropping a bunch of cars on him.

Spidey relating to Aunt May that a guy named Steve from Brooklyn had given him a black eye.

Bucky and Steve entering the Hydra lair together,  friends gearing up for one last fight.

During the fight with Iron Man, Captain staggering to his feet, and in a rhyming scene from the first movie says, “I can do this all day.”

There were so many more. Do yourself a favor and see it on the big screen. Seeing this made up for the trainwreck that was my evening trying to watch Trainwreck last week and giving up after thirty minutes. Sorry, but no, just no. Not for me. Luckily there was a re run of “Normal Again,” one of my favorite Buffy episodes.

Any book, tv or movie recommendations from you? I did catch the first two episodes of Preacher last night. I read a few of the comics several years ago but not sure if I can commit to the show.

What did you read/watch last week?



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