Summer Winds Down

Not that you’d know it from the Florida heat, but summer is over, school is underway, and 2016 is lurching toward the final quarter. I say lurching because this year has so far been mostly pauses and stops with very few forward progressions. Whoever coined the term “submission hell” was so very right. Nothing happens quickly in publishing and my elation at being agented and on submission has settled into a hurry up and wait pattern interrupted  by  random rejections for a short stories I’d actually forgotten about.

But fall has always been my favorite time of year, and submission hell or no, I’m gong to enjoy it. I did get a bit of good news that “A Home for Kayla” is a finalist in the Florida Writers Association RPLA competition.  One more step for Mutt Nation!

Hope you have some great summer memories and happy fall, everyone.



2 thoughts on “Summer Winds Down

  1. Congrats Kim! Just brought it home to work on creating AR quiz for our kids. Didn’t get there yet, but still on my short list. Good Fall.


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